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The Kitchen is becoming the heart of todays home and lifestyle and along with bathrooms and en-suites are one the rooms where significant value can be added to your home if renovated correctly therefore it pays to invest a bit of time, thought and research into what can be one of the biggest investments in your property.

Whether you are renovating to create an attractive functional space for your own continued use or purely to add resale value, a well thought out kitchen renovation can result in increased buyer interest and a higher sale price when it comes time to sell your home.​


Renovate :-


To restore to good condition, make new or as if new again, repair or improve.

To invigorate, refresh or revive.

Happy with the layout of your existing kitchen but it looks tired and dated ?

Often some  small,  focused upgrades to the layout can make the space more functional and replacing doors, drawer fronts, dress panels and benchtops can completely lift and change the appearance of an area and make it much more up to date and appealing without the expense of a complete remodel.

Does this sound like what you need ?

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Remodel :-

To alter the structure of, remake, or give a new shape or form to something.

Ever thought what a difference it would make if you removed that wall to create a truly open plan kitchen/ dining area ?

Existing layout not working for you ?

"If only the oven and cooktop were more central with bench space either side with pots and utensils conveniently located  close at hand"

Does this sound like what you need ?

Then click here for some of our real life stories

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