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Looking to Renovate your Bathroom ?

Renovations excite us !

If you do not need to, have the budget for or are not ready to replace the entire bathroom then working within your existing layout and budget may be a great option for you !

Lets create your story !

Take the first step Contact us now !

What will your story look like?

Vicki's Bathroom Story
Vickis bathroom after1.jpg
Vickis bathroom after2.jpg
Vickis bathroom before 2.jpg
Vickis bathroom before 1.jpg


There was nothing else for it but to take up the entire floor,
open up the walls, make good the walls and re-screed the floor to correct falls, waterproof the entire area and start again.
Re-screening allowed us to remove the original shower hob and fit a new semi frameless screen direct to the floor and enlarge the shower stall area.
We re-tiled to match the scheme already used in the kitchen and en-suite including feature tiling.
Utilising the existing vanity carcass but re-modelling it to match the en-suite helped keep costs down without impacting on the overall scheme.
Finally re-tiling the existing bathtub surround incorporating the mosaic feature and new tapware helped to make the area more appealing.


When we turned our attention to the existing bathroom it was a very cramped, drab and tired space and had obviously seen better days with cracks already obvious on the floor tiles and signs of water leakage around the shower base.
Although the existing vanity was the right size for the room and had enough storage space it just looked tired and dated.
The existing bathtub was perfectly serviceable but just didn't look inviting.

Sometimes you have to get creative!
This is one of the smallest en-suites we have done , it was part of a full reno we did in Byron Bay and the aim was to create an open frameless shower stall but the room was too small to have a single fixed panel.... hmmm.

sarahs ensuite after 2.jpg
sarahs ensuite after3.jpg
Sarah's Ensuite Story

And we loved the outcome!

Our solution was to fit a hinged panel to allow the shower to be closed off when not in use so the custom vanity was usable then opened up to create an open stall while showering.
Worked well, everybody happy 😁

sarahs ensuite after1.jpg
Cysandra's En-suite story


We removed the existing shower screen, vanity, mirror, shower wall tiles, shower floor tiles and floor grate.

New floor tiling with a tiled floor grate, subway wall tiles and a horizontal feature tile within the shower stall with a bold feature tile to frame the custom frame less shower screen and custom double vanity transforms a bland, nondescript area into a vibrant, original and very personal space.

Careful choice of tapware and accessories further enhance the overall look and feel of the space.


Cysandra's en-suite was perfectly serviceable and the layout was functional but was very dated and lacked that personal feeling that we all aspire to.

The main floor tiling was in good condition and was a neutral enough tone to be able to be undisturbed and still fit in with Cysandra's overall design.

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